Scoring BIG during KVK Kill events

Scoring BIG during kvk is easy, keeping as many of your troops as possible while scoring big is where your strategy plays a part.

My strategy is about getting KVK points, this does not mean I win a lot of battles…most I am defeated but it does not matter because I score big points.  The battles I win are just a bonus (which score even more points).

375k T1

BRIIRAS vs SICPPY – The ultimate showdown

That’s right people, a once in a lifetime event was held right on the backyard of ewd.

He’s held the wonder for 45 seconds, won 961 heavyweight battles, killed more than 42 million troops, weighing in at 1.8 Billion power, often referred to as the nightmare of small children we know him as Briiras!

The defender; a SH14 with a big ego, the closest he’s been to the wonder is sending his hero to the dungeon, won 194 battles, killed 4 million troops, weighing in at 54 million power, underestimated by many eager SH21’s is SICPPY.

You can read the results right here on

So much gear, but what to craft?

Once you have a hero above level 40 there is so much available gear to choose from it can be daunting.  “What weapon do I want? a Sange & Yasha? or maybe a Throwing Stick? perhaps a Moon Staff?”.  The choices appear endless so I’m giving you a list of the top few for defense.  When defending an overall troop boost is better than a specific one, reason being is you are often defending with multiple troop types.

Buildings and Troop Training

Which buildings to have is a matter of balance, I don’t know what is the perfect strategy but I can share how I’m set up and why.

GeneralChikn Massive Defeat

I got the beating of my life!!

The latest kvk kill event is over, the results are in…PETIRA WON!!
Thank you and job well done to all those that participated whether it was attacking, defending, killing monsters, keeping an eye out for outlanders.  No matter how small the participation it all adds up to victory.

Now that we have an element of peace or at least less war for a couple of weeks I thought it may help others to see my battle reports.  

Wonder Dungeon Guide

Explorer Dungeons:

Decide before you start how many mana potions you are commiting to the run and what level you plan on exiting, you can only exit every other level (2,4,6,8 etc…) Bear in mind plans change and you may want to leave earlier then intended if you get badass loot.

Bonus health potions are decent, havn’t had much luck with luck potions, power potions kick butt, attack power potions are the best imo, crit potions are ok.

Potion usage and movement usage is key. Try to avoid using mana on non-boss mobs. Anytime your mana falls more then 300 below cap, use a potion if available, you always want full mana going into a dungeon boss fight.

Try to descend in as few moves as possible. Locate the next deepest level A.S.A.P. and don’t take extra steps attempt a full explore (the exception is if you are planning on leaving after a boss and you have a bunch of moves left, this can be risky).

If you die to a boss you lose (20) movement, if you lose to a monster you lose (5). So go all out with your mana usage attacks on the boss, try not to die. Try not to use mana on regular monsters but it is better to waste some mana on a monster rather then dying to it and losing movement.

The more health you have when a monster dies, the more +bonus moves you get. This can be a life saver if you have mana potions but are low on moves and need to find that boost to escape with loot, burn some mana, gain some movement and locate/kill that boss.

The dungeon ends if you run out of movement points. You only get to keep your loot if you kill a boss and decide to exit the dungeon. If I missed anything in this guide please contact Spikekun with your information and I will be happy to update the guide, happy hunting!

Hahaha I’ve made a blog

I’ve never created a blog, only business websites so this is all new to me.

Quite a few members of ewD have asked for help or would like some advice on being a SH14 trap.  At first I thought it would be easy, a couple of messages and I’m done right!?!?

Well it turns out trying to write everything into a little message on GoW was a pain in the butt and decided instead to create the first guide with the intent on sending everyone on my list…do you have any idea how annoying it is that GoW doesn’t allow links?  Got sooo annoying that I decided to register a nice short domain name to upload the doc to, then someone suggested a blog so we have have different people contributing and asking questions.

And here we have our very own unsanctioned ewD training blog…with luck I won’t get kicked out of the alliance for this.

So now I’m looking for contributors to expand our knowledge base.

Captured his hero!

ewD SH14 Trap Intro

I’ve written manufacturing instructions, business procedures, training guides but never a game guide so if it’s a bit formal/informal or just poorly done…ahh it’s only a game anyway. If I skip over anything too briefly or you would like to ask a question let me know. is a great resource for knowledge.

Creating this guide may take some time so there are a couple of things which I would like you to be doing:

  • Train troops – always! If you need rss just ask and the alliance will likely help. Don’t worry if your food is blinking red or zero, your troops will not die just don’t open any packs of food unless you are going to use it.
  • If your wall is not full of traps, train traps. Best is T2 but really anything is better than nothing, even Bricks (they have better health than a T4 troop).
  • Research anything combat related.
Trap Gear

Hero Gear

Gear provides important boosts for your hero for all elements of the game though just as a woman has an outfit for everything, so should your hero.  If you are shielded and researching then equip research gear, if you are planning to be unshielded equip attack/defensive gear.


Of course you can’t craft without materials, but they can be easy to retrieve:

  • Alliance gifts – check these at least once a day, they expire after 24 hrs. When someone buys a gold pack or the alliance gets prizes there can be some great materials.  During a Kvk with so many people hitting monsters there is normally a couple of hundred to open.
  • Monsters
    • Every time you hit a monster you get something, your hero regenerates energy for free so use all of it whenever you can. If you are short on time just to a max attack.
    • When you kill a monster you get an alliance gift.
    • When a monster is dead occupy the tomb. A lvl1 monsters tomb has an equivalent material level as a lvl4 rss tile.  Myself, I never bother with rss tiles but go for tombs all the time, there is more rss’s and better materials.
  • Treasures, open all your treasure chests…you never know surprise may be waiting
  • Gear – you can break any unwanted gear and retrieve a material item. Just go into your forge à inventory à click and item and there is a big red Break Item Such as all the lvl 1 monster gear you aquire.

I suggest combining your materials up to a level you are comfortable with the quantity, reason being is if you want to craft and item which for example uses two strings and you combine all your strings into one lovely level 6…well your screwed cause you needed two of them and now you can’t craft your gear.